Acadiana Profile Article June-July 2017


Greetings and Salutations

Lafayette native Cayla Zeek’s illustrations go big for Festival International.

Cayla was a 2010 scholarship winner in the annual George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts Art contest. Photo by ROMERO & ROMERO


This is harsh, but true:

Cayla Zeek’s career goals — to this point in time, anyway — have been a complete failure.

“I was going to be a veterinarian or Robin Hood,” says the 25-year-old Lafayette native.

Zeek is neither. Nope, she’s a visual artist, a designer and a former teacher at Ascension Episcopal school. Zeek left the teaching post at the end of the year to focus more on “Mattea’s Hand,” her self-started and budding stationery and greeting card business. She also was also official artist of the 2017 Festival International after creating a poster of a brown pelican that has flags of other regions both on its feathers and extending from its body…

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